Rental shop combined with selling Products

Dear Check-Front Team

we are evaluating different solutions for the implementation of an automed online store for our rental business.

Check-Front seems to fit with the most of our requirements. Although we are searching for an option to include a buy-option. Selling used gear is a important part of our bmodel to keep the equipment young. Now: Do you see any possibility to get a online rental AND buying store in one strike?

We are also open to use integrations with existing e-commerce solutions (eg. Shopify, ECWID...) to make this happen.


  • Hi Sebastian,

    Checkfront currently doesn't offer the functionality to have an online store within your account, nor do we integrate with any online store providers right now. I would recommend using Shopify for the online store side of your business and Checkfront for the online bookings.

  • Hi Mitch 

    I too would love to be able to integrate a retail add on option for existing customers, I retail a deposit while they hire and I've repeatedly asked whether they could carry this over to buy a carrier from me once they have hired. To then use a third party like Shopify (who I used to use) which isn't integrated means that i'd have to refund them and start a process from scratch, meaning that they may potentially change their mind and also that then my customers details are split over two sites and then I'm having to try to collate the sales/customer data from two shops.

    The next stage of developing the business is to add a retail option so this is a big deal for me and I'd love to be able to fully integrate it into Checkfront.

    It would be incredible if there was an app for Shopify/Big Cartel or some other similar retail CMS. 

    Hope that makes sense? Sorry to jump onto an existing thread but it made sense to follow it on.

    Warm wishes

  • Hi Kitty,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    As you may know that this thread is under the feature request section meaning that these posts are already tracked to see the demand for the request. We'll keep you updated if we hear anything back from our dev team in regards to this particular topic.

  • Hi guys,

    any update about this?
    We are looking for something similar as well, and if would come with a plugin with Shopify that would be great.

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