Price points suggestion

I've just finished setting up parent items each with multiple child items which (I think) might finally have fixed the pricing problem I was having with packages in the customer booking screens. After inputting a gazillion prices manually for every event for every child item and then triple checking them to ensure I didn't accidentally typo one of them, I think that there should be a better way to input the item pricing.
My suggestion would be to have price points within each item eg. Low season $x, Mid season $y, Peak season $z, or any other things that I choose to call my price points (I've used three in this example, but obviously there should be a limit to how many I can have). Then when I create an event there would be a field that tells the event which of my price points applies to it. That way I could enter all my seasonal prices for each item just once and everything else would just fall into place without any anxiety.


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    That was supposed to say there SHOULDN'T be a limit on how many price points I can have. See, typos do happen :-)
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