Zapier integration

I use Agile CRM and would love to have Checkfront integrated so I can take advantage of Agiles marketing automation. I understand it may be difficult to integrate with the plethora of CRM's out there but if Checkfront had a really solid integration with Zapier we could overlook this daunting task ;)


  • Hi rmphotoadventures,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I'll relay this information to our dev team so that they can review this app and its potential for integration.

    We'll be sure to update you when new information develops.

  • Yes! This would be amazing!
  • Zapier integration would make our life a lot easier and help our work flow. Would kill multiple problems with one integration. 
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    Hi superlativeevents! You can currently make use of Checkfront's webhooks with Zapier. This would allow you to send a message to other apps on Zapier when a booking comes to your Checkfront account. 

    Here is more information on Checkfront webhooks: and how to use webhooks in Zapier:

    I hope this helps. Cheers, Mitch
  • Mitch you literally just changed my life.

    I spent thousands of dollars and hours of my time this trying to get someone to give me something that I could work with to do some basic integrations.

    This one response just solved all of my problems.

    Just getting information out of Checkfront in an easy way is all I wanted. The API and SDK documentation is completely not helpful at all. The hardest part out of any integration is just getting Checkfront and whatever the heck else I want to receive the information to talk to each other. I get it needs to be secure, but you need to walk before you run. 

    The web hooks couldn't be simpler. The only issue I had was choosing a status type that didn't trigger any real notifications from checkfront and was more of an internal status update, once I got it updated it kicked out all the info I needed to do things with to Zapier. 

    If I could high five you I would right now. Can I buy you a beer or something? 
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    Here is the summary of this thread of working with Checkfront and Zapier. Save yourself thousands of dollars or start your own systems integration company based off this info. 

    1. Create a new app in your Checkfront interface by clicking on "Manage" and scroll down to "Developer"
    2. Go to web hooks and enter in destination URL that Zapier gives you for the web hook, choose your flavor of XML or JSON response formatting from Checkfront
    3. Choose the notifications you want to trigger a POST webhook from Checkfront (IE: Checkfront sending info to the URL you specify from the chosen notification(s))

    1. Create a web hook in Zapier using a Zapier "Webhooks by Zapier"
    2. Create a Catch Hook 
    3. Skip "pick off child key"
    4. Test your hook by creating a notification from checkfront, Zapier show you real time that it got the response and what was sent. (Copy the response so you can better map checkfront output schema to the services you'll be integrating with.)
    5. Zapier tells you that it was successful or not successful. Wash and repeat until it's successful. Make sure you are using one of Checkfronts "hard" or default notification types to get it to trigger a POST to Zapier

    Revel in the fact that you can now integrate Checkfront with just about anything else that supports webhooks or Zapier, basically the world. 

    Final step: Buy Mitch from Checkfront a beer.

    Checkfront Documentation on webhooks and API: 
    Zapier Documentation on webhooks and API:
  • Thanks superlativeevents & Mitch - this is great and we have started using this today with Pipdrive.    

    I was wondering if you knew how to filter booking out of the Zapier feed by using the "Child Key" function?  I would like to only send certain Checkfront items through to Pipedrive, not all of them.  I was wondering how this could be done using the Checkfront API.

    Zapier provides this example on the page - but I am not sure what changes are needed to work with Checkfront, any pointers would be really appreciated. 

    "By default, Zapier gives you the entire payload of the webhook. If this specified, Zapier will only grab the child key from the object sent to Zapier. For example, given {"contact": {"name": "Mike"}}, specify contact to only trigger on {"name": "Mike"}. Traverse more deeply nested children by using dot-separated syntax)."

  • Hi simonsucksmith,

    Thanks for your question! The child key option on the Zapier webhooks looks like it will allow you to return a subset of the complete payload. I don't believe you'll be able to use it to specify multiple item IDs in order to return only certain items.

    If it is really important that you only send specific items then theoretically you could use the Checkfront webhook to send the POST request to a URL that has a script that will filters the complete payload to the specific items that you require and then automatically send another POST request with the filtered data set to a secondary URL where the Zapier webhook would listen. 

    Checkfront support team
  • Please add me to the pro-Zapier lobby. 
    It would save me having to learn the API programming technique,
    but it would also allow my customer to make small adjustments 
    using their non-programmer-friendly user interface.
    read-only would be better than nothing, trigger a zap from a status change,
    pas for writing into Checkfront,...
    to begin with, a simple "create" function would suffice;
    after that, editing the "status". That would be a good start. 

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    +1 For us on! 
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    Hi Francis,

    Thanks for posting on the forums. I've gone ahead and added your account to the list of accounts interested in the Zapier integration.

  • +1 zapier integration
  • We are interested in a Zapier integration as well.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I love the feedback we're getting here. We have added you to the list of accounts interested.

  • I'm interested too.
  • Bump and +1 for Zapier
  • +1 for Zapier
  • Loving the bumps! Will add you guys to the list! 

    We'll keep you updated if something comes up with new regarding a Zapier Integration :smiley:


  • +1 for Zapier
  • Gotta add to that . Zapier would save a lot.
  • +1 for Zapier / We have experience in configuring a Zap may be we can help, it takes few days max.
    It will simplify a lot all integration with service like us (secure a deposit online :
  • +1 for Zapier. It would automate several workarounds I'm having to use right now to make Checkfront functional.
  • Hi, any news on this side
  • +1 for Zapier!
  • We really need Zapier...
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