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We're looking for a small change to the hero page booking page - we would like to put a link back to the previous page or the main site between the calendar pop up and the thumbnail grid https://kaliyoga.checkfront.co.uk/reserve/. Would anyone with experience give us a rough quote as to what it would cost to do this and timeframes please?

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    Embedding your booking page in a page on your website using the droplet is the fastest and most affordable approach (which you can easily do yourself, and ask our support team for guidance on) to ensuring a customer can navigate to other areas of your website.

    Alternatively, if you were to hire a developer to work with the API, they would be able to build you a fully custom booking page specific to your needs -- which in some situations can be very useful, but it does require an experienced web developer familiar with integrating remote APIs to do well -- but note this would be on your site, rather than the hosted booking page. As the hosted booking page is an API application itself, it can't be modified by the API; rather, it uses the API to build that page. Unfortunately, the hero layout doesn't currently allow additional free-form html content to be added to the page (outside of item summaries), so it may prove difficult to achieve adding a button when using this layout.
    The classic detail view layout does allow this through both the header logo and the "intro text" as well as a header logo link, but it does, of course, lack some features of the hero layout.
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