Preparing for Production


As we're nearing completion of our Checkfront API integration, I'm curious to know if there are any steps required before moving into production? Based on what I've gleaned from the API docs and settings under our account, the Checkfront endpoints won't change and there's no need to update credentials. I suppose as a formality we would notify our partner suppliers (already on Checkfront) but beyond that, I'd like to be entirely certain no other technical tasks are required.

Neal R.


  • There's no difference between testing and production environments as far API development is concerned. Every account (subdomain) does require generating its own set of credentials to access its own sandboxed API environment, and every account (in general) has its own unique inventory configuration, so may have complex item setups that are displayed differently -- such as is the case with product groups or hourly items.
    The effect this would have on integration of multiple configurations would depend on your code, but for simple queries like checking the availability, it will typically be a uniform process.
  • Kris,

    Thanks for confirming!
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