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im working with checkfront over 2 years now. It changed a lot in that time. And checkfront improved a lot!

But still some important features are missing from my point of view. Not only features to handle checkfront easier but missing features that really makes me loosing money. For example: better up-selling possibilities, credit-card charge ...

What would help for me is to have an overview about the development roadmap and the priorities the development team is working for the future. Some of the new features had a big impact to our own product-development and some times it would make sence to wait for new features instead of trying an half-working way.

have a nice day


  • Hi Patrick.

    Thanks for the input!

    Our roadmap is currently only being used for internal purposes but if you are looking for something specific, I could look into it for you and let you know if that is part of Checkfront's plan. We are currently on the way to changing a few things with items which would include some changes with packaging and up-selling products. As for credit-card charge, I believe this is something that might be better directed to the payment gateways that are offered in Checkfront as we do not handle credit cards processes.

    I hope this answers your questions!

    Kind regards,
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Hi Patrick,

    Great question. I thought it was a great topic for a blog post. See my response here: https://www.checkfront.com/how-we-handle-feature-requests

    More specially, I can let you know that better up-selling is high on our priority. In general the flow and presentation of the customer and admin facing booking process is something we believe we can improve on. I don't have a timeline on this yet, but if you like I can put you in touch with the team currently leading that conversation if you are interested in providing more direct feedback.

    Can you elaborate on the "credit-card charge" feature you are referring to? You can of course accept payments with Checkfront, and depending on your payment gateway used a tokenized called to re-bill a customer post booking if needed. You can also use a credit card swiper with the admin POS interface (add payment).

    Currently under development and in QA is: gift certificates, digital waivers, sub hourly bookings (and better reports), and a new simplified interface for adding and editing items / events. Look for news on those soon.

  • Patrick;

    Nice blog post on the feature request process. I'm just wondering if there are any location based features coming down the pike? I've mentioned it a few times but an in app notification that lets a client know we are on the way and an eta would be amazing.
  • Hi Bouncer,
    We have recently added location maps for items. You can learn more here under "Location Map" : https://www.checkfront.com/support/docs/inventory/items
  • Thanks Mitch. Though what I'm looking for is more for delivery businesses such as myself. If we are doing several deliveries a day the feature that I am looking for is for a way to create a notification (Pending, Deposit, Reserved) that would be "EnRoute". The enroute notification would trigger a text message that goes to the client showing the estimated time arrival. I think Twillio would play a role in this but not sure how to go about using the drivers location to show an eta. For example, client is not sure when his delivery is going to come. He knows it will be sometime before 3 pm but not sure exactly when. Suddenly he gets a text message, triggered by the "enroute" notification, that says "Hello this is Bob from ABC company just letting you know that I am on the way and should be there in approximately xx minutes" Client sees where Bob is on a map and knows just when the delivery will arrive.

    No complaints here - just a feature request
  • Hey Jason,
    I read your blog post with a smile :-)

    You explained how you handle feature requests. But what do you think about bringing the roadmap (or the features for the next update) to the community? Think about how the apple community is looking forward to any next release or product release date. Im looking forward to the next big update. I sometimes checked other booking systems to see if they fit more for us. But at the end I stayed with checkfront because your speed of improvement and new features is a big argument for me to stay.

    For me it would also be a pleasure to beta test improvements or give feedback to ideas.

    Another point which would help me a lot is to see other checkfront users how they set up checkfront and use it. Also after 2 years I find new ways for setup. To see checkfront benchmark would help me a lot.

  • Hi All, 

    Just to give my two cent on the credit card charge. 

    I can only speak for the UK but I am believe the rate are fairly similar worldwide, but we get charged between 1-3% for credit cards with AMEX being the worse. 

    To combat people taking advantage of this many eCommerce solutions add an automatic charge to the users bill to cover this when attempting to use credit cards to pay. Often a basic percentage of the transaction. 

    If an potential user wishes to purchase a product at £1000 but wishes to use a credit card, it would be extremely useful to add a fee to X% to do so. In this example if we applied 2.5% then it would recuperate £25 which just roughly covers the average cost in addition to incentives users to use alternative, cheaper,  payment methods. 

    I Checkfront added this functionality it would be very useful.

  • Hi perpetual121,

    Thanks for your request! We've had a few others want a similar feature, so I've added you to the list of clients who would like to see it added to the system. 

    If you primarily take credit cards as your payment method then you could add a "tax" called "Credit card processing fee" to recoup the extra 2.5%. For cash or other payments that your staff manually process you could create the booking and then edit it to remove the credit card tax from that specific booking. 

  • More specially, I can let you know that better up-selling is high on our priority. 

    Jason said this three years ago back in 2015. More recently, it was said that fixing the major problems with upselling/addons are no longer being considered. Which is it? Is upselling going to be fixed or not?
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