Deprecation of the legacy navigation bar

BrandonBrandon Checkfront
edited December 2015 in News and Updates
In July, with our 3.5 update, we released a new version of the app nav bar. The hierarchy is largely the same as the old version, but the look is more streamlined most importantly mobile friendly.

We initially provided an option to switch between the legacy version of the nav bar and the new design to give customers a little time to adjust.

As a significant portion of you have now moved over to the new design, we will officially deprecate the legacy option as of December 1, 2015. At some point after that time, all accounts will be switched to the new version.

For anyone who has not yet switched to the new design you may do so by selecting the ‘Responsive’ option under: Manage > Setup > Configuration > Top Navigation Bar

This change will help us to focus on one style across the app and keep our support docs consistent with the majority of accounts.

If you have any questions about the new nav bar, please contact our support team.

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