Integration with Wave Accounting

Wave is one of the best accounting softwares ever made, it looks gorgeous, uncomplicated interface and easy to use for small businesses. I wish you guys consider adding Wave to the list of integrations. How many upvotes can we get on this?


  • Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, Wave accounting doesn't have an open API yet, so we aren't able to consider building an integration with them at this time.
  • Well that's unfortunate.. Wave is free, it would be uncool to have to move all our accounting somewhere else, and pay a lot for it. I guess i'll have to live with double entries for some time.
  • Great to see that WaveApps is in Alpha testing of their API interface, with a Beta due soon. This means that the integration to Checkfront could come soon which will be awesome!
  • We'll definitely take a look again once the API is released. Be sure to get updated on new features in Checkfront here as well:
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    The Wave API is listed as coming soon:

    We've signed up for early access.
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    +1 For WAVE:     Hi guys... As WAVE ACCOUNTING is free... I mentioned this to Grant and he said he was reaching out to WAVE CEO possibly to get this integration going as WAVE does have a full API and over 1.5million users.
  • Hi Francis,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    I'm not completely aware of a Wave integration, but as Jason listed above, we have signed up for the early access and are probably looking at the integration in house.

    Will let you know if there are any sort of updates regarding the integration.

  • Any update on this?

    this integration will save so much time.  I really need to decide whether I stick with wave or jump ship to a currently functioning solution.  I really like WaveApps due to its simplicity.
  • Hi Ashincabo,

    Thanks for participating in our forums!

    Unfortunately, we do not currently have an integration with Wave Accounting available. Wave's API only became available within the last year, and Checkfront had signed up for early access to start looking into the system and their API. At this time we don't have an integration or an update available, but we will update when we have more information.

    Thanks again for your participation and expressing your interest in this integration

    Best regards,
  • Feel like I'm flogging a dead horse a little here, but I still have hope that one day there will be a WaveApp Integration thrown out there.
    Unfortunately WaveApps has terrible export features and as such is a real pain to change from, but the integration features are becoming almost too important to ignore.
    Has there been any movement forward, or is this a lost cause?
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    Same generic response year after year for any suggestions about improving functionality. I've been using Wave since 2012 and would welcome the integration. It's okay to say it's not part of the development plan, but this false hope that it's in progress is frustrating.
  • Yes WAVE accounting software is best but in our organization we are using Invoicera's custom billing software. We have customized Invoicera as per our business requirements. Without accounting knowledge you can use like a pro.
  • Wave is a very descent software, but this service can no longer be trusted by any reasonable business.
    Over the last 1 or 2 years, Wave has demonstrated a lack of consideration for their customers, the latest and worst of them was to suddenly announce they HAD stopped support for non-US (or Canada) customers!
    Like I said, after years of claiming to support all small & medium businesses free of charge for ever, they did a 180º change of strategy (without warning anyone), and announced it after the change was done, less than a month before Christmas holiday period and the of the quarter and the end of the year !!!
    You can imagine the "disturbance" this has created for all business owners impacted….

    Anyway, my point being that only US & Canada businesses can now use Wave.
    Therefore, not all CheckFront's customers would benefit from CheckFront investing time & effort in this….

    All very sad….

    I would much rather see a Zoho Books integration.
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