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Hello All,

I'm new to this forum and am very pleased to have found Checkfront.

We have a small cottage rental business. Some of our cottages have six rooms and we find the 5 pictures is not enough to give our potential customers a good overview of each property. We have aboput 50 pictures per property on Airbnb and people love that...

So can we get more pictures allowed in the item page. We'd like all the pictures in one spot so everone can easily find them.

Thanks for listening.

Jim Betts
Tea Lake Cottages


  • Hi Nick, thanks for the reply - you mentioned this when we spoke and suggested I post it on the forum as a method of showing Checkfront that this is a desired feature... Be great to have all the images in one spot, especially when you can put the booking service on other websites. When booking cottages its not uncommon to have over 30 images. In fact because people can stay for one to two weeks, sometimes they even come and visit the property before booking. That's why the pictures are so important.

    Thanks again for your support.

  • Please add my name to the request for needing the 5 picture limitation removed as well.
  • Hi Parawing742,

    Thanks for commenting on our forum. I have added your message to the feature request. 


    Checkfront Support Team
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