API for Event CRUD

I'm building a standard property rentals system but will require the ability for property owners to update the availability of the properties I am listing for them.

I was hoping to offer them an owners portal and use the Checkfront API to add 'Events' to block out dates where their properties would be unavailable for rent. Does anyone know if the API supports events or could suggest an alternative approach please?



  • Greetings @alanda this is possible. I would be happy to answer more indepth questions can you email jason@hgmail.com. If you would like to kick around some code I have been developing a repo which I use on various projects. https://github.com/htmlgraphic/PHP-SDK
  • Being designed primarily to facilitate the booking process, the v3 API does not currently provide access to create or manage events, and I would not advise creating 'filler' bookings to block out time due to the impractical nature and effects on reporting.

    There is already an events management endpoint planned for a future release, but in the mean time, if you email code@checkfront.com with an outline of the needs of your project, there is a workable interface to the inventory calendar we can go over that may be appropriate for what you're looking to do.
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