How to handle tips?

My use of Checkfront involves a service business where the employees are often tipped extra on top of the invoice price. When this is done in the form of a check or credit card payment and I enter the amount paid, it shows up as a credit on their invoice. Is there a better way to handle tipping in Checkfront?


  • Hi parawing,

    At the moment, there currently isn't a way to add a tip option that users can add any amount to their bookings. You can add as an optional item but this type of tip would have to be a fixed priced item. You can alternatively ask how much the customer would like to tip on the booking form and manually add their tip once the booking has been created. This alternative will take some manual input.

    We have seen request for a tipping feature with other clients. I will let our developers know about this so that we can create this feature in the near future.

  • What did the developers say when you asked them about this?
  • Hi parawing742,

    We have not ruled out Tipping as a feature but this is something that we are not focusing at this time. I've re-opened a discussion about tipping to see where it fits within Checkfront. At this time, our focus is on Resource Management and with this, significant improvements with the current item builder, item events, and general settings for items. These improvements will allow us to add features such as tipping much easier in the future.

    As far as new workarounds towards tipping, our Square payment gateway integration has their own tipping features added to their payment processor. This can be used in Checkfront if you integrate Square as a payment gateway. For more information about Square, take a look here:

    I appreciate your interest in this feature and I'll be happy to keep this post up with more updates regarding tipping.

  • Can you clarify how we incorporate the square tipping functionality? Square is set as my payment processor but I do not see any tip option in the online checkout
  • Hi @OrionJJ,

    Thanks for your question!

    Since this is a Square feature, it requires redirecting to Square which is only possible while using the Checkfront mobile app in conjunction with the Square mobile app.

    When both are downloaded to your mobile device, you can add a payment to a booking in the Checkfront app and it will redirect to Square where you can first, process the payment and then be prompted for tipping.

    If a tip is applied, it will be documented as a note in Checkfront.

    Please note, you may need to first enable tipping in Square as outlined here.

    I hope this helps to clarify and please don't hesitate to reach back if I can assist further.

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