Fetching events more than one year in the future

Hello guys,

So I'm using the item endpoint to fetch all future events and display them in my application.

$items = $checkfront->get('item/', array(
'start_date' => "20141001",
'end_date' => "20141020",
"category_id" => 6

This works, I get an object with ->upcoming, containing future events. The thing is, it will only fetch events at most one year after current date. I'd like to fetch ALL events in the future... Is this possible ? A parameter I'm missing ?

Thanks in advance


  • The "upcoming" events search is only able to retrieve a set number of results because it's primarily intended as a simple display aid for finding future dates where nothing is available, rather than as a raw events list.
    Depending on your configuration, performing multiple searches with the date advanced, calendar queries, or different range searches on items might be useful, but unfortunately at the moment there isn't a way to retrieve nothing but events.
  • Thanks, I'll try some things you suggested then.
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