I have some customers that I wish they pay when making the booking, but also I have some customers that have a contract signed and I want them to have the possibility of making the booking without having to pay.


  • Hi! Thanks for the info... The item wont be free, they will have the option to pay directly when delivered. The thing is not everyone will have the ability to pay upon delivery only selected clients.
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    Hi Nick: I'm using this thread because although my concern is different, part of it is similar to the original one that jonasesses1 explained: We're a guided tour company with two type of services according to pricing: some regular fixed price/per person services and some 'pay what you want' services (a.k.a. Free Tour). So, for the booking of those Free Tours no money is requested to the customers beforehand, but they are asked to make a donation (if they want) in cash when the tour ends. The problem is that as far as I have been able to discover in Checkfront, there's no way to manually add a payment by our staff. 'Add payment' button is deactivated in the invoice page. We would want to have the ability to manage the whole process inside Checkfront so we can send the invoice of the donations to the customers who make them, but I don´t know if there's a way to do this... ? Apart from that, the year is divided for us in two periods according to the affluence of tourism to our city: the main period from april to october and the 'winter' period from november to march. For the first period (april to october) we have a fixed calendar of available tours for customers to book, but in 'winter' we offer all the tour catalog everiday for the customers to book. We consider those as a pre-booking for which the customer is not charged, and we only send the confirmation of the tour and payment request after certain participation level is reached. I can't find a way to program this different behaviour on the customer buying process, as the System Default Statuses have to be defined uniquely for all the new Customer bookings. Any way of managing this as we need? Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Omarlgll, Thanks very much for letting us know your configuration! We might be able to work out a setup that could achieve what you need through the use of the E-Commerce Deposit settings and copied items in your inventory, with some aliasing. It's a similar setup to what was suggested by Nick above, except with a few tweaks to specifically suit your business. We should also be able to accommodate the various tours offered throughout the year, and the reason you might not see a button to "Add payment" on your account is because you may not yet have a payment gateway activated. If you'd be interested in getting some assistance in setting up your account, I'd be more than willing to sit down with you after you've sent in a request for your free onboarding session, where we can coach you one-to-one, and show you a few different methods of setting up the tours. The link to sign up is here: https://www.checkfront.com/schedule-your-checkfront-coaching-call Let us know if we can help you! Best Regards,
  • Thanks Tiffany, I've already sent the request through the link you provided.
  • Hi again!

    Concerning the options for defining the Deposit field in Prices tab of an item, would it be possible a different behaviour depending on if it's the customer who is making the booking or someone from our staff?

    To illustrate it with an example: for some items, when the customer makes a booking we want to take a 20% deposit until we confirm that the service reaches the minimum attendance. However, if it's a member of our staff who is creating the booking, when that member changes the status of the booking to 'Payment Pending' the request that is made to the customer is for the 20% deposit only. I would want to have the choice to define that full amount must be requested to the customer.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Hi Omarlgll,

    Thanks for your question. Staff bookings (Booking > New booking) never require any payment or deposit at the time of booking. That is the only difference between the staff booking page and the customer booking page (Customers > Customer booking page.)

    Does that answer your question? 
  • Hi Mitch!

    Not really, but don't worry. I've checked out and I'm pretty sure it is not possible to program a different behaviour for the deposit value of an item when the reservation comes from the customer or when it comes from staff.

    Thanks for your quick response and happy new year!
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