Tracking Check-In and Check-Out

Checking items in and out is optional. I understand that not everyone wants to check items back in so this is fair enough.

My feature request would be to add another tab on Bookings. At the moment it shows "New", "Today", "Open", "Ending" and "Upcoming". Could you add "Past Due"?

I check items back in. However, when I'm flat out busy this can sometimes get overlooked. During a recent busy period a number of hire items were not marked as Checked In. I have now realised that something is missing.

If a new "Past Due" tab was added that would serve as a great reminder to check an item off or alert to an item that has not been returned. At the moment if it does not get Checked In on the return date then it can easily be missed.

In a perfect world there wouldn't be human error but unfortunately there is. Anything to help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


  • Hi totsontour,

    Thanks for your feedback and request!

    I've forwarded your request to our developers. However, I can't provide a timeline on if/when this request will be implemented into the system.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.

  • We have the same problem too, and need your help urgently. Once an item is not returned after its due date, it no longer appears under Open and must be looked up manually. We DESPERATELY need a tab under Dashboard which highlights past due items until they are checked back in.  With Checkfront being an inventory based database, this seems like a no-brainer? 
  • Has this been fixed yet? I stopped using the check-in feature years ago because there's no easy way to find past due items.
  • Hi Parawing,

    Thank you for following up!

    This use case has been taken into consideration as part of a larger feature. As such, it will not be individually implemented at this time. 

    In the meantime, you can see which bookings have ended while checked in by using the booking index. To do so, visit Booking > Index, filter by Date: End: All - Past, and sort the view by End Date. You will be able to see which bookings are still checked in by the white checkmark overlayed on the 'Status' colour. This will allow you to determine which past bookings are still checked in or out at a glance.

    I hope this helps, but feel free to contact us at if you have any additional questions!

    Best Regards,

    - Brett
    Checkfront Support Team
  • Yes, I'm aware of this workaround. It doesn't work for me since it adds too many unnecessary steps to the process, but thanks for sharing.
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