Entering bookings after they have taken place

Hi there.
We use Checkfront to manage our campground sales. While many of our customers make and pay for their bookings online, we also have clients that book the day they arrive. Because our campsites are remote, it often takes several days to get their information and cash into our system.

I set the rules for Checkfront to "allow past bookings" 15 days, but when I attempt to create a booking in the past, it tells me no items are available. Can anyone help?


  • Hey StCroixRiver,

    This is probably due to your items being set to a default status of "unavailable". If it is, then you might want to check your events and see what the earliest opening you have for that item. You can open these past events by creating a new event to open them up again.

    I hope this helps!
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