Still waiting for recurring bookings

Well over a year now. This would be an extremely valuable feature, I wouldn't even need it to be client facing. I'm in the middle of manually creating all of our recurring bookings for the next few months again and my hand hurts.


  • Hi,

    I've flagged this feature request again on your behalf. Are you also looking for a recurring payments as well?

    This is definitely a popular request and is currently being looked at for prioritization on our development roadmap.

    I'll be happy to update our report with your further suggestion if you have any.

  • Thanks!

    Recurring payments are welcome, but not necessary. Stripe handles our automatic payments already, the problem is not being able to set and forget recurring bookings. Entering them manually is a huge pain point.

    These would be set up by a staff member, we wouldn't need customer facing stuff on the booking form, just a way to create a booking for say, a specific item, every tuesday, 7-10pm that continues until we stop it. This item would need to be available for booking during the rest of the day outside of the specific time, which would vary in start and length client to client.
  • Really need this feature. We run a hybrid space and have coworkers who pay same fee on monthly basis. Would love to be able to set and forget a monthly subscription.
  • Hi Karolis,

    I've added you the list of clients who need this feature.

    Best regards,
  • I also need this feature as we manage an RV Park with people that pay monthly for long stays!!!
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Noted! I also recommend hitting the "vote up" option on the initial post (shows when you hover over the bottom right of any post).

  • Hi, just checking in, has there been any progress on recurring bookings?
  • Hi Battalion,

    Current status on this feature is under "To Do" Now, no further information as to it's release yet.

  • Hey, any eta on this? Thinking of making the switch to Checkfront from Timely, though impossible without the ability to apply recurring bookings. Cheers.
  • Hi christopherjtailby,

    We don't currently have an ETA that we can share on this feature. You can learn more about how we handle feature requests here:

    Best regards,
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    I have a customer who is very keen to have this feature as well.  Can you please tell me if this has been agreed as a feature to be developed?  I see it's marked as "To Do".  What is the target release or date please?  Thanks.
  • Hi deanm,

    Unfortunately, I'm not able to provide any further information on this feature or what's on our development roadmap for the future. 

    Checkfront support team

  • It's been many years. Any updates on this? I need it too.
  • This would be super beneficial to Haliburton Forest as well.  I currently have to invoice 300+ people that we offer annual campsite leases to.  This would significantly help with this.  We also permit year in advance reservations for our accommodations and campsites and many of our customers are repeats who book the same site/accommodation for the same dates each year. 
  • Hi MelissaPockett,

    Thanks for posting. We appreciate your feedback on this feature request.

    I'd be happy to add you to the list of users looking for this type of feature. 


    Checkfront Support Team
  • Looking for this as well.... 
  • We are new to using Checkfront and are disappointed to see this is not a feature. This feature would save us administration work and avoid double booking, similar to others looking for this feature from 2015.

    We look forward to using a recurring option soon. 
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