[newbe] Add-on Development

Hi all,
I'm new in checkfront word.
A customer of mine ask me to develop a new gateWay addons to integrate with his existing one.
I've looked to the development api but I didn't find info. I've looked in wrong place or ? I've to study harder?
Thanks in advance


  • Fully integrated add-ons in the system are all developed internally, but if you have a workflow built on the business website to connect the booking through the API, it is possible to record individual transaction records from an external source -- these will primarily appear as "POS" transactions in the system.

    In order to use transaction recording through the API, as it can be abused, misused, and can significantly impact the records of the business, you'll need to send an email to code@checkfront.com describing the intended use, workflow, host environment, and acknowledge that you cannot under any circumstances attempt to use it to store credit card information. You will also need to demonstrate a working knowledge or existing implementation of the API, and the ability to have successfully created a booking with the API.
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