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I have a equipment rental company and we deliver / pickup all our rental items. We also charge for delivery when the customer is located more than 10 miles from our warehouse. As a crutch, I've created an Inventory item called "Delivery Charge" and add it to a customer booking after they make a reservation. It'd be nice to have a way to do this automatically. Right now it sometimes looks like I have tons of items rented on my calendar when it's just hundreds of miles of delivery charges.


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    Hi parawing742,

    Currently, as you know, the system is unable to calculate mileage or distance charges automatically on the invoice but this feature has been requested to the development team by other customers in the past. I have added your request to this feature request so that the development team will be able to track the priority of requests.
  • I too would like to have a way of calculating delivery charges.
  • Any progress or workaround on the delivery charge suggestion?
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    As a temporary alternative, is there a way to make my "Delivery Charge" inventory item not be calculated along with regular physical items? I've had some months where certain reports show hundreds of items booked when it's just the delivery charge and not physical items. I'm actually less concerned with having charges automatically calculated than being able to use my reports in a useful manner.
  • Hi parawing742,

    Thank you for the questions.

    I do not have any updates on this feature request at this time. However, there may be some changes you could make to your "Delivery Charge" so that it has less of an impact on your reports. We cannot hide items completely from the reports, however, as long as you are not using a parameter that 'controls inventory', then the quantity will not show on your reports.

    For example, the item could be configured like this:

    Where the 'Qty' parameter will always be '1', and 'Delivery Charge' parameter is that one that will be increased. And you will need to make sure that your pricing is attached to 'Delivery Charge' parameter. Now, each booking that has a delivery charge added will only have its quantity increased by '1', regardless of the value of the 'Delivery Charge' parameter.

    As this configuration requires the use of parameters, the item being used cannot be 'Simple'. So, if you do need to disable the 'Simple' setting, please also make sure that there are no rules/events/discounts that are applied to the item that should not be.

    I hope this helps, and if you have any questions about setting this up, please email us at so that I can better demonstrate using your account.

    All the best
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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