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We're new to Checkfront and chose the system because of its integration to Xero. However, we've run into a snag in how the add-on sends information to Xero.

Currently, in the add-on configuration, you can only set one payment account code for your Xero add-on, even though there are multiple ways someone might make a payment - POS cash or credit, or via the online integration. In Xero, if you have multiple "bank accounts" that collect revenue, that leaves you with a problem - all the payments get sent to one "bank account" (in our case, Paypal) when in reality cash payments go to our actual bank account, and online payments go to the Paypal bank account.
Because the cash payments from Checkfront are sent to Xero as Paypal transactions, I then have to go in and manually remove every payment from any booking that was paid in cash, and manually add the payment in the correct revenue account in order to reconcile. For me, this defeats the purpose of why I chose to go with Checkfront in the first place - reducing the amount of time I spent on manual transactions.

Is there a way that, in the add-on, we could attach the revenue account to the type of payment, so that it goes to the correct Xero account? And until that happens, is there a less-manual work around that anyone can think of?


  • As far as differentiating payment types into alternate payment accounts, the current integration wasn't scoped to support this, primarily because when it was put together there weren't as many granular options of payment type to choose from, and there were certain limitations to the Xero API at the time. It is a good idea, and certainly would be useful, but it simply hasn't been something that has made it onto our short-term roadmap.

    For now, it might be difficult a perfect solution for automating the process of splitting them up directly (outside of implementing an external Xero integration), but I would imagine there might be ways to ease the reconciliation process with bank rules and other options. I've used the API a fair bit, but admittedly I'm not intimately familiar with the all of the options the make available on the front end, so I'm not certain how others might be handling similar situations. There might be someone else around who has experimented a bit more.

    We will be re-evaluating the integration options to see what the best approach to take would be to improve how payments are sorted.
  • Is this feature in the update roadmap yet? It would be a really helpful feature for our business.
  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for checking in!

    Unfortunately, I'm not able to share the specifics of our development roadmap. I can say that this feature request has been added to our internal tracking system. We tend to add features based on a combination of popular demand and what our product team believes will most benefit our user base. You can learn more about how we handle feature requests here: https://www.checkfront.com/how-we-handle-feature-requests

    Checkfront Support Team
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