Follow up e-mails and Trip Advisor reviews

by Jason Morehouse

User reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor can be a great way to promote your business. The more (and the better) your reviews, the higher you’ll be displayed when potential customers are searching out related services in your area. This can be a great source of free, targeted traffic.

Automated follow up e-mails are an easy way to re-connect with your customers post-booking. This is also a great place to include links to review your business or request direct feedback. Incidentally, this is also a good place to include a promotional discount or voucher to another booking.

Checkfront makes follow up e-mails easy with scheduled notifications. Scheduled notifications can be delivered after a set amount of time, past the date of a completed booking.

Creating an automated follow up notification

To create a scheduled notification, login to Checkfront, go to Manage / Notifications and create a new notification.

For the Booking Event, if you don’t do payment processing, select Reserved, otherwise set it to be Paid. Enable scheduling and set the date, ensuring it is set to be delivered after the booking.


Some advice

A good rule of thumb is to wait at least a couple of days, or even a week before sending a follow up e-mail. This provides some breathing space between other notifications associated with the booking, and gives the customer some time to reflect on their time with you—positively, of course!

If you collect reviews on several websites, you may want to consider driving your customers to a specific page on your website where you have collected the links to places where they can review your service. This gets them back on your website, and gives you more targeted options.

As a word of caution: many review sites do not allow you to moderate your own reviews. Be prepared for reviews you may not agree with. If you are worried about bad reviews, keep in mind that consumers are used to a mix of opinions on these sites. Your overall rating is what is important, but make sure your existing customer satisfaction is positive before soliciting public reviews.

In the event that you have a problematic customer you’d rather not request an endorsement from, update their booking status to a something that won’t send them the notification.