Update: Customer E-mails and Staff Accounts

(v1.8.8) We are pleased two announce two new updates to Checkfront:

E-mail correspondence

Until now, all internal customer communications have been by way of automated e-mails via the notification system. This has proven to be an efficient way to streamline invoices, receipts and follow up emails.

There are, however, occasions where you need to quickly email a customer a note, and or updated booking details.

You can do this now by clicking on the “E-mail” button in the sidebar while viewing a booking. This allows you to supply a note, and optionally include an updated version of their booking receipt or invoice.

For maximum e-mail deliverability, please see our SPF setup guide.

Staff accounts

Previously you would create “Agent Accounts” to give other people access to login to your Checkfront account to create bookings, view reports and configure the system. This included three privilege levels: Agent, Manager and Administrator. Each of these had specific per-defined roles in the system.

For clarification, we have done away with the term “Agent”, and replaced it with “Staff” accounts. This has been moved from Manage / Company / Agents, to Manage / Accounts in our main navigation.

Now when you create a new Staff Account, you can individually select what parts of the system you would like them to have access to, and furthermore what actions they can preform (for example preform refunds, and add notes). This provides a much greater control over the system, and allows you to tailor the requirements of each of your staff.

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