Quickly Edit Bookings in Checkfront

Somewhat overdue — you can now quickly edit pricing, dates and other booking parameters, as well as add / remove items to an existing booking directly from within the invoice view in Checkfront.

To edit a booking while viewing an invoice, select the “Edit” tab. To change a given item, click the “Change” button beside the item you want to modify, or click “Add” to create a new one. This will bring up a dialog that will allow you to adjust the item as required. To change the item completely, click on the item name to bring up a select box of items available during the requested date.

When adjusting the date, a (familiar) popup calendar will appear to showing you the dates available for the selected item, and supplied quantity.

The item pricing, availability and rate will automatically be updated as you modify the booking. If needed you can also override the rated price by changing the calculated subtotal manually.

This is the first of several improvements in managing bookings post-creation.

As always, feedback is most welcome!

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