Checkfront vs Rezgo

Rezgo is an online booking system, much like Checkfront; both are hosted services operating in a similar space. We are sometimes asked by customers evaluating our software to provide a list of differences between the systems.

Our option is undoubtedly biased, and each product is inherently different in its approach. Choosing a booking system isn’t a hasty decision; you need to consider many different factors. How many bookings will you be processing per month? Some systems are designed to handle thousands of bookings each month, and will charge at that higher rate; others are geared towards smaller businesses and can scale up or down as necessary. Another question to consider is: what do you sell? Some systems are better designed for accommodations than they are for equipment rentals, and some are more geared toward appointment-based industries like dental offices and hair stylists. You need to consider all your choices and go with the system that best fits your business, your style, and your goals.

The best advice for those unsure is to try both services. You can review Rezgo and Checkfront at no cost; this will provide you with a well informed answer as to what works best for your business.

Checkfront services thousands of happy tour and activity businesses worldwide. We are a great for operations looking for a new, dynamic platform on which to run their business.

Other Great Reasons why Checkfront is a great Rezgo Alternative:

• Fully integrates into any website
• Pay flat fee to use the software—not a percentage of each booking
• Support for 42 currencies and 14 languages.
• Native Apps for iPhone, iPad & Android
• A fast, responsive and modern interface.
• Integration into the most popular payment gateways worldwide.
• Automated invoicing and receipts notification system.
• Scheduled reminder and follow up emails.
• Extensive Developer API.
• Great customer support.

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