Checkfront vs Rezdy

There are lots of different options out there for booking systems, and choosing one is a big decision. We’ve gone into detail about all the different factors to consider when choosing a booking system before, but we get questions every day about why customers should choose us over another service like Rezdy.

Rezdy is an online booking system that functions similar to Checkfront; it can be plugged into almost any website and connects to a variety of add-ons and extensions. They offer tiered pricing plans as well. The biggest difference between Checkfront and Rezdy is that Rezdy has a heavy focus on tours and tour operators, and Checkfront is more flexible and is also built to work for accommodations and rentals. For those who are weighing the option between us and Rezdy, we encourage you to try out both systems if you can before you make a decision; go with the one that fits your business the best.
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