Checkfront Ranked #1 Booking App

We always tell our customers to let their guests know how much they appreciate a positive review. And today, we get to take our own advice.

We’re excited to announce that Checkfront was named the #1 reservation and online booking solution on the market! The title comes from GetApp’s quarterly study of cloud-based software.

GetApp’s ranking provides business owners and decision makers a first look at the booking software available on the market. The study can be used as a benchmark for how tour operators should evaluate platforms.

“Checkfront makes its debut at #1 in GetApp’s recently launched Category Leader ranking for Reservation & Online Booking software. With an impressive total score of 63, Checkfront showcases its strength when it comes to security and integrations, scoring an impressive 18 points for its security protocols and 15 for its integrations. An additional 14 points for user reviews and 14 for its mobile apps solidifies Checkfront’s spot as the #1 Reservation & Online Booking solution in GetApp’s ranking,” says GetApp researcher Suzie Blaszkiewicz.

Right now there are more than 105 reservation & online booking solutions listed on GetApp. So we’re stoked to have received the top ranking.

Reviews are one of the categories that make up a company’s score so a big thank you to all our customers who helped!

And if you are in the market for reservation software you can try Checkfront free for 21 days.

Checkfront rated #1 booking app

How are the scores calculated?

An app’s score is based on five factors: reviews, integrations, data security, mobile platforms, and media presence. For each category you are given a score out of 20.


Review scores are calculated using reviews collected from GetApp and its sister sites, Software Advice and Capterra. Scores are calculated based on the total number, average rating, and recency of reviews.

The number of reviews and average user rating are scaled against the category average. A weighting is then applied to reward recency of user reviews: reviews written in the last 6 months score up to 10 points, those written between 6 and 12 months ago score up to 6 points, and those more than 12 months old, score up to 4 points. These numbers are added together to give a total maximum score of 20.


Integration scores factor in a number of variables. Up to 16 points are awarded based on the number of integrations an app has; the first 10 points are awarded based on the number of integrations relative to the category average, while 4 points are awarded based on the number of integrations relative to the leaders in the category. An additional 5 points is awarded for an integration with Zapier, a widely used software integration platform, while an extra point is given for having an open API. The total possible score for integrations is 20 points.


Security scoring is calculated using answers from a vendor-completed survey. The questions in the survey are based on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form as part of the Security, Trust & Assurance Registry. With 15 questions, each answer is assigned a point value based on vendor response, with additional points given for security certifications, for a maximum possible score of 20.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile scores are calculated based on the availability of an iOS and Android app. 5 points are awarded for the presence of each app, with an additional 10 points being awarded for the number and average rating of reviews in both the App Store and Google Play. These review scores are calculated and scaled against the competition for a maximum of 5 points per platform and an overall maximum score of 20.

If there isn’t a native iOS or Android app, the product’s website is assessed using Google’s PageSpeed Insights to measure mobile usability. The score is returned out of 100, then scaled to a score out of 5 for a maximum of 5 points.

Media Presence

Media presence is calculated using the number of Twitter followers and Facebook fans that an app has. The number of fans and followers are added together, and each app is scored based on this overall number, compared with others in the category. The first 15 points are awarded for the combined number of followers and fans scaled against the category average, while the final 5 points are awarded for the combined number of followers and fans scaled against the top leaders in the category. These two scores are added together for a total out of 20 points.

*All data points combining calculations for both ratings and reviews are calculated using a Bayesian estimate, which is a weighted average that includes the number of reviews and the rating of an app, benchmarked against others in the category.

In the event of a tie, each data point is weighted for importance, with security taking precedent, followed by reviews, integrations, mobile apps, and media presence, respectively.

You can see the complete list of apps in the category here.

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