Checkfront Helper File

If you embed Checkfront on your website to accept bookings online, you’ll want to make sure the Checkfront Helper is configured properly. The Checkfront helper is a small file that sits on your webserver. It helps improve performance and sizing of the booking window.

Although the booking portal works without the helper file, you’ll likely run into issue with scrolling and resizing of the booking window.

If you use a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal plugin for Checkfront, the helper file is automatically installed and configured. If you are using a Droplet based integration then you’ll need to upload the file and point it in your Droplet code.

You can download the helper and configure the Droplet by logging into your Checkfront account, going to Add-ons, Integrations and “Droplet”. Select “Download Helper” and place that file on the same website you are accepting bookings on. In the Droplet code, put the location of the helper on your website:

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If you require help setting up your Droplet or confirming if you are setup correctly feel free to contact

Q: Does the helper file run any code on my website?

A: No. It’s a static html file with no code that has access to your local webserver.

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