Checkfront Does the Wildcoast Adventure!

Kayaking for the first time is exciting and a little scary (at least, these were my feelings as I stared down my seat in that little ship) and my colleague and I–keyboard heroes by day–were doing just that. Thanks to Wildcoast Adventures, we were about to brave to open seas of Rebecca Spit off Quadra Island, BC.

Our Guide, Cory,  assured me that he had had many first timers out on the water without a hitch, and that we would set our  own pace. He was a gracious and patient guide, to say the least. I was curious about the stamina required for their 4 -7 day Orca Camp tours; Cory let me know that they have rest stops to accommodate all levels of Kayakers, from first timers to the highly skilled that might want to  “paddle straight through” to the destination base camp.  Of course, base camp with Wildcoast consists of a level of glamping, with perks such as:

  • Custom coastal cuisine designed by Gowlland Harbour Resort’s Gourmet Chef
  • Large wood-heated, covered common area and dining room
  • Spacious safari sleeping tents on platforms
  • Comfy cots and warm new sleeping bags ALL provided
  • Hot water showers and more…
Wildcoast Kayak Guide

It was hard not to imagine myself on that amazing adventure, not to mention, “…Orca pods frequent this area to feed on the abundant summer food sources of Johnstone Strait, which you can witness right from our beach, or even while enjoying a meal!” You can read more about the Orca Camp here.

Like many things in life, you can imagine how something is but it’s not until you experience it first hand that you truly understand it; kayaking was no different. Never have 3 hours passed by so effortlessly  as we paddled between sailboats, braved the open seas (hey, we had to ride out of a ferry wake…), and caught sight of otters watching us from afar.

In the end, true to his word, Cory delivered us safely back to shore, dry and infused with fresh sea air and the sense of adventure! It was my hope to provide you with at least a few seconds of kayaking newbie fodder, but there was none to be had. All there was was the sound of serenity and peaceful awe as our group of 5 made our way across the spit. It was… a beautiful day.

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