Checkfront Adds Conekta for Online Payments in Mexico

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Conekta offers a subscription generation service for charging customers periodically, which can be accessed using their extensive developer API. They also have options for one-click checkout and other apps, all of which use secure tokenization methods to ensure that no actual credit card numbers are ever stored in a compromising manner. Conekta has a Sandbox mode with which you can test their plugins to see what will work for you, and their libraries are available in PHP, Ruby, Python, and cURL.

We’re happy to announce that Checkfront is now integrated with Conekta, one of Mexico’s most popular online payment gateways. It accepts many different forms of payment including credit, debit, cash, and interest-free deferred payments from banks like Banorte, Santander, Banjercito, HSBC, and many more. International customers can pay via credit card just as easily. Conekta is PCI-DSS certified, meaning that your customers’ payments are secure and safe.

Conekta charges a small commission on every sale, and makes deposits into your bank account every two days. They are currently only available to businesses incorporated in Mexico with access to Mexican bank accounts, but can process credit card charges from anywhere in the world.

You can enable Conekta by going Manage > E-Commerce and selecting it from the payment options list. You will need two developer API keys from your Conekta dashboard: one private and one public. These can be obtained from your Conekta dashboard when you log in. Find out more about Conekta by visiting

For integration documentation in Spanish, please visit the Conekta website here.

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