Checkfront Updates

Introducing Guest Form

You should be able to collect information on all guests attending without having to chase it down. Most travelers love to share experiences with others; the group activity sector continues to grow. This is excellent news for you! Getting more guests per booking helps to increase your revenue. However, it could also mean more work…

Checkfront is ready for the GDPR, are you?

Checkfront’s Headed to Adventure Elevate 2018

Gift Certificates for Site Builder

Introducing Checkfront + Vantiv Online Payments

Introducing Nimble for Site Builder

Checkfront in Q2 2017: A new growth record, three new partners and the launch of Site Builder

Upcoming Deprecation of TLS 1.1 and 1.0

Introducing Site Builder

All the Checkfront Features You Might Have Missed

Checkfront’s Weekly 2 Minute Check-ups

Introducing: Stand-Alone Package Items

New in Checkfront: Built-In Digital Waivers