Checkfront Partners with Google to Bring Tours and Activities to ‘Reserve with Google’

Reserve with Google will be discontinued by Google as of August 2021. As a result, the integration is no longer supported by Checkfront. Please reach out to our Technical Support team with any questions or concerns.

Now you can make bookings directly on Google!

Where does a traveler go when they want to find a tea tasting tour in London? Where does a manager go to find an escape room for the next team building event? And where does a best friend go to find whitewater rafting for their buddy’s birthday party?

They go to Google.

Whether it’s planning a trip or getting ideas for the weekend, Google is a convenient place to discover things to do. A user simply searches “stand up paddle boarding near me” or “hiking tours in destination”, and Google produces a list of relevant and nearby businesses.

But it gets even better!

Reserve with Google is now available for Things to Do — making it possible for users to also book their tours and activities — right in Google Search, Google Maps and more.

What is Reserve with Google?

Reserve with Google bridges the gap between experience providers and experience seekers. For tours and activities, the booking process involves many steps — including searching, scanning websites, comparing rates, checking availability and making a payment. Now, it’s possible for users to do all this in one place on Google.

To drive more bookings, it’s best for tour and activity operators to be discoverable online. That’s because online travel continues to rise as more travelers shop and book via digital channels. Few travelers spend their vacation wandering around until they stumble upon a bike tour.

It’s also essential to make booking easy. Almost half of all bookings are made on mobile devices. And mobile user behaviour demands a frictionless booking experience. Many mobile users don’t like completing multiple steps just to secure a seat on a river cruise.

Asian woman in blue shirt hiking in Grand Canyon with hiking poles

Tour and activity operators should be easy to find online and take on a mobile-first approach — or risk missing out on a significant amount of mobile and in-destination bookings.

That’s why Reserve with Google covers both strategies in one sweep. With its massive user base, you can expand your reach by showing up in the search results.  And you can increase your sales because fewer booking steps reduce the risk of drop-off.

With a Google listing, your business appears when a user searches for related tours and activities in your area. They will see your rates and availability, as well as your location, hours of operation and reviews. And if they choose one of your offerings, they can book and pay right then and there — eliminating the extra step of visiting your website.

Coming soon to Checkfront

We are so excited to announce that Reserve with Google will be available to Checkfront users soon! By setting up a Google listing, your Checkfront inventory will become bookable with Google products — allowing you to drive more bookings by reaching users in the searching phase.

Reserve with Google is an incredible opportunity for tour and activity operators and we are thrilled to offer this option to all Checkfront customers.

Ready to set up a Google listing with Checkfront?

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