Introducing a Website Builder with Online Booking

Your new booking website builder has arrived

Modern travelers expect high-quality browsing experiences.

They want to find, book, and pay for your service in a matter of minutes whether they are sitting on their PC or swiping through their phone.

Yet travel companies struggle to create and maintain their websites.

Bloggers have SquareSpace, eCommerce merchants have Shopify, but if you’re in the tourism industry, there’s never been an equal service to turn to.

Site Builder themes

If you’re lucky enough to understand basic web design you can use WordPress or Drupal. Even then, the templates never perfectly fit the unique needs of a booking website. Plus you have to do all the homework yourself to learn how to optimize the travel booking process flow.

Then there is SEO. How can you be sure that you are setting up all your pages in a way that allows Google and other search engines help people find your site (and your items)? Unless you have an expert at your disposal, you run the risk of building a site that no one can find.

For some, the solution to this puzzle is to outsource their website to an agency or contractor. Which ends up costing thousands in development costs. Then if you ever want to make updates, you end up paying more, and it takes twice the time as it would in-house.

We’ve been witnessing our customers fall victim to this process for years now.

That ends today.

With the launch of Site Builder, you’re back in control. No coding experience is needed to finally have a creative travel website design, optimized to increase travel conversion rates. Oh, and it’s a fraction of the cost!

Site Builder customization for kayaking tour

Your booking system and your website are better together. Here’s how it works.

Site Builder automatically syncs with your Booking Manager and transforms your existing inventory and categories into optimized search-friendly web pages. The intuitive and quick editor makes it easy to customize to match the look and feel of your existing brand.

Site Builder connects to all your other online channels, so you have one centralized web presence. You can even display your social feeds and testimonials, as well as make your own gift certificates.

Connecting social media services on Site Builder

We have a growing marketplace of beautiful tourism website templates designed specifically for Tours & Activities, Accommodations, and Rentals to maximize conversions for any booking type. Plus everything is responsive for a seamless browsing experience on any screen or device.

We’re rolling this out to customers now, and you can join over 3500 businesses using Checkfront by signing up for a free trial today— and you will be one of the first businesses to get access to Site Builder.

If you’re already a Checkfront customer, you can access Site Builder in your Booking Manager to start building your beautiful site.

Want to empower your web presence with Site Builder?

Try Site Builder for free.

Launch your new website and start taking bookings in no time!

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