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Checkfront Online Booking Software for activities, rentals, tours and accomodations

We’ve grown Checkfront over the last 13 years by offering a flexible, comprehensive booking software that is one of the most competitively priced on the market. We’re proud to have supported experience operators of every size at every stage of their business – from first booking to third location.

A lot has changed over those 13 years. But, there are two key things that haven’t changed in that time: our passion for experience operators and our pricing.

Now, the debate over the best pricing model for online booking software in the travel experiences market has raged on for years. With most reservation technology systems choosing to solely adopt a commission-fee model.

“We know operators get caught having to make a pro and con list between whether a fee per booking model or a subscription model is best for their business,” said Jason Morehouse, CEO of Checkfront. “It’s a decision that we feel forces too many operators into a payment model they disagree with, or left to use a software that may not be their solution of choice.”

We’ve always believed that your booking software shouldn’t hold your business back in any way. So, for the first time in 8 years, Checkfront is excited to announce our three new plans at three new price points.

A plan for everyone, a software for every experience

We believe that your booking software should enable you to grow your business – from the price tag to the features that are offered. So, we’re excited to unveil our three new plans and share how they offer experience operators more choice and flexibility than ever before.

  • Starter Plan: Our new free plan lets operators explore all that Checkfront has to offer with no time limit.
  • Growth Plan: This plan is built for growing operators who are looking for help managing their demand. Now, operators are in the driver’s seat with the choice between monthly or annual subscriptions or a per booking fee, which can be absorbed or passed onto the customer.
  • Managed Plan: This plan is perfect for experience operators looking for a personalized solution and dedicated support. Starting at $595/mth.

Understanding the past and embracing the future

Fiercely customer-centric since the start, Checkfront has created the most flexible booking software in the market by seeing our operators as partners. The features and tools we’ve built have always been about giving them more control over how they run and grow their business.

As the landscape for experience operators continues to shift, so must our software. As business owners look to the future, innovate to bring in new customers, and launch new product offerings, we must also keep providing solutions that make this all possible.

Image of a purple arrow starting at 2010 ending at 2023. Alongside this arrow are features and elements of Checkfront's online booking software that were launched. Including: automated notifications, tiered pricing, booking flow, CRM integration, customer account logins, financial integrations, OTAs, digital waivers, gift certificates, buy now, pay later, Checkfront Payments and more.

We’re grateful for every experience operator that has trusted Checkfront to power their business until now. We’re excited to meet all the new operators who will discover us for the first time thanks to our new plans and pricing. Most importantly, we’re thrilled to continue to be a part of an industry that allows individuals to explore, celebrate, and create memories to last a lifetime. It’s a legacy that we’re fiercely proud of and are excited to build on.

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