Payments With Authortize.Net CIM

We’re happy to announce support for Authorize.Net CIM (Customer Information Manager). Authorize.Net is a popular payment processor for credit card payments. CIM allows you to rebill a customer without the need to re-enter the credit card. This means you can add items post-booking and charge the customer as needed.

CIM works by tokenizing the customer’s credit card. When a booking is created and payment is applied, Checkfront stores the payment token (not the actual credit card details). If you need to adjust the amount later or add a new item to a booking Checkfront will send the token to and re-bill the customers credit card.

Please note you need to subscribe to CIM separately with charges an additional $20 per month for this service, however there is no additional charge from Checkfront.

If you aren’t an customer this feature is also available with our Stripe integration.


The CIM module is currently a seperate add-on in Checkfront than the standard gateway.

If you are currently an / Checkfront customer you’ll need to deactivate your the existing Authorize.Net module in Checkfront, and configure Authorize.Net CIM with the same credentails.

You can setup CIM in your Checkfront account under Addons / Payment Gateways / CIM. You’ll need to supply your API credentials and activate the addon.

Please refer to our setup guide for further setup instructions.

To learn more about CIM see Payment Data Tokenization on

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