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AsiaPay Payment Processing - Checkfront

AsiaPay provides credit card and bank payments to merchants in Asia including China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and India.

AsiaPay Setup

To start, you’ll need your Merchant ID and Secret Hash Key from AsiaPay. To enable refunds directly from Checkfront (optional), you’ll need to also supply you AsiaPay Password and AsiaPay Login ID.

Checkfront Setup

To enable AsiaPay in Checkfront, login to your account and navigate to Extend / Payments / AsiaPay. Supply the API credentials you retrieved from your AsiaPay account and click activate.

Once the payment module is enabled, remember to enable payment processing under the Manage / E-commerce settings.

Test Mode

It’s highly recommended that you do an end-to-end test of your checkout before putting your site live.


– Checkfront is PCI DSS complaint.

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