Checkfront Expands Network to Asia-Pacific!

To better service our customers based in Asia-Pacific, we’ve expanded our localized cloud services to the region. This includes service to: Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore.

The new state of the art hosting facility is located in Tokyo Japan, and includes all of the services available in our other locations, including: automated backups, industry leading security, and lightning fast performance.

We understand that network reliability is essential to your business. Once fully migrated, Asia / Pacific customers should see (even) faster response times when using Checkfront. This also reduces the likelihood of network related issues, and solves some access problems for customers in mainland China.

Existing customers in Asia will be migrated from the US network center within the coming days. Please note there should be no interruption in service. If you are in Asia but would like to continue to be hosted out of the US or UK, please file a support ticket.

There is no premium for for our Asia Pacific location. Pricing for this location is the same as our other facilities.

Note: you can determine what data center you are in by logging into your Checkfront console and going to Manage / System.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Remember: Checkfront operates in 14 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog and Thia.

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