Express Bookings with Apple Passbook

We’re happy to announce integration with Apple Passbook for Checkfront, supported by our new mobile reservation interface.

Passbook is an application from Apple designed to store membership cards, tickets, coupons, and reservations — similar to a digital wallet. It’s great for customers because they don’t have to carry around hard copies and information is automatically kept up to date on their phones. For merchants it can be a big time saver and provides a great end-to-end booking experience.

How does it work with Checkfront?

When a customer adds a Checkfront booking to their Passbook, it stores the reservation on their iPhone or iPod. As a customer nears your location on the day of their booking (based on your longitude and latitude), the electronic ticket automatically pops up on their phone. Upon arrival, you can can scan, validate and check-in the customer using the built-in barcode scanner in our native Mobile Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android). This is all communicated to your central system, in real time.

As an added bonus, if the booking is changed, the details are updated automatically in the customers’ phone. Your paper receipt can’t do that, can it?

Passbook is made available in Checkfront as an add-on and is available to all accounts at no extra cost.

More info

Learn more about Passbook from Apple.

Try a demo of our new mobile booking interface (mobile device required)

Learn about more updates in our v2.8 release.


Do I need an iPhone to process bookings stored in an Apple Passbook?

No. You can use our Android app to scan the barcode on the customer’s phone, or just type the booking ID into the Checkfront admin to locate the reservation.

I don’t see Passbook on my iOS device.

Passbook is available for iOS 6 and later on the iPhone and iPod. There is currently no support for the iPad.

Is there an Android equivalent to Passbook?

There is an unofficial app called Passwallet that can be found in the Google Play store.

I prefer paper only. Can I disable Passbook?

Yes, just visit your add-on section in Checkfront and disable Passbook.

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