All the Checkfront Features You Might Have Missed

For the Checkfront Product Team, the first quarter of a new year brings a buzz of excitement and pressure. For the majority of our clients in North America and Europe, 2017 kicks into high gear in the May timeframe; meaning business processes, go-to-market strategies, and staff training are all being finalized over the next few months.

Right now we’re in the final stages of a number of projects that we’re very excited about. However, with thousands of diverse customers in 135+ countries, we know our timing won’t quite line up with every business and their ability to adopt changes right when we announce them. So… on that theme, we thought we’d take a few minutes to recap some of the most-loved features we’ve added in the past 12 months in hopes that you’re able to leverage them now if you couldn’t last year. Here’s a quick run-down:

Built-in Digital WaiversCheckfront’s solution for Waivers and Documents integrates right into the booking flow, streamlining the process for customers and staff.
Improved Translation SystemSystem Translations are now shared in larger groups, improving their coverage. Customer language choices are now used for all email notifications and invoices.
Slack IntegrationSend a notification to Slack whenever a new booking is made, either by a customer/partner on the front end, or a staff member in the back end. Optionally, send additional notifications when notes are added.
Package & Cart ImprovementsEdit Item dates, parameters, and timeslots right from the Cart page. Packaged items may now have date and parameter adjustment enabled, allowing those values to be selected separately from the Parent Package Item. (Great for businesses with return trip or customizable itineraries)
Inventory & Booking Calendar ImprovementsThe Inventory Calendar received a subtle refresh that now enables viewing and editing of Timeslot and Hourly Item inventories. The Customer Calendar now has a fixed Item column for easier use.
Custom Gift Certificate ThemesCustomize your gift certificates by uploading up to 5 additional theme options for your customers to choose from.
Item Specific SMS NotificationsAllows you to provide custom SMS notifications for each item in your inventory.
Tokenless API OptionOnce enabled, applications connecting without a token will have basic access to items and booking creation endpoints.
Yield Pricing in Item EventsA new Yield pricing option within Item Events allows for automatic adjustment of your prices (by percentage) when inventory drops to thresholds you define.
Improvements to Partner CommissionsPartner bonus commissions, previously stored at the partner (or group) level, may now be set specific to certain items. To accommodate this new option and to provide an at-a-glance view of your commission rates, we’ve moved Partners into Accounts and created a brand new page for Commissions & Groups.
Improved Dashboard SearchCan now search customers and bookings by zip/postal code and address; sorts by date

For the full list of changes, please visit the Checkfront updates page. A special thanks to all our customers who have supported these improvements with their feedback. On a final note…
We’ve got some very exciting product announcements to share in the next couple of months, so be sure to watch your inbox and the Checkfront blog. 2017 is going to be a big year!

-The Checkfront Product Team

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