7 Ways to Kick Back and Enjoy the Holidays

December 22, 2016, Taylor Odgers

The holidays can put some extra stress on us to wrap up all the things we wanted to do for the year and still find time to rest and unwind.

Festive Checky

Only about 50% of people report feeling rested after the holidays. Here at Checkfront, we want you to come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the new year. We asked some of the Checkmates (that’s our nickname for our team) around here how they plan on relaxing and enjoying their holiday time.



“I’ve been looking forward to my family’s Christmas Dinner for weeks – besides the delicious food itself, my family tends to start building the feast at noon, and we spend the whole afternoon working together. Amongst all the debating over appropriate quantities of spices, and above the extraordinarily jazzed up background carols, it’s definitely my winter highlight.”


“Christmas day is the only day where I naturally wake up early, I always look forward to those first quiet hours”

Jason, Founder and CEO

“Looking forward to spending some time with my lovely family, and all things covered in gravy. I’m also really excited for 2017 as the team at Checkfront has been working hard on some amazing things we’ll see in the new year.”

The following are a few tips to help destress and enjoy the holidays:

  1. Enjoy your city: Most cities have free activities for friends and families to enjoy together. There may be a Christmas tree festival, public ice skating rink, wandering carolers, or a street all decorated in lights to go out and enjoy.
  2. Get perspective: Read a book that redirects your focus. Gaining a new perspective can have a very positive effect on you and your surroundings and is an excellent excuse for some quiet time.
  3. Do something kind: The holidays can be difficult or lonely for some. Have your family collect and donate some of their clothes, toys or food. You could also consider inviting someone to dinner that might not have somewhere to go.
  4. Try something new: Traditions are a beautiful thing, but there’s always room to play around and start something new. If drinking mimosas on Christmas morning isn’t already in your tradition repertoire, start there.
  5. Eat warm, healthy food: Most people complain about the number of treats and sweets they ate over the holidays. Make a point of getting some warm healthy food in your body. You’ll feel happy you did!
  6. Go for a walk with someone you care about: Breathing fresh air increases the amount of serotonin in your brain, lowers your blood pressure, and will even help you digest all of the cookies you’ve eaten. Just getting 17 minutes of walking outdoors increases feelings of calm and well-being. Bundle up and bring a hot beverage to really get in the spirit.
  7. Or just do nothing. Whoops, we just made your holidays more stressful by giving you 6 suggestions on how to fill your already busy days. So forget them all! Take the pressure off of yourself and perhaps pencil in some “nothing.” Chances are, that could be the most memorable part of the season.

More from our Checkmates


“I actually can’t wait to play my new video game for 2 days straight!”


“I’m more of a new years kind of gal so I am really looking forward to busting out the sparkly dress, noise crackers, and champagne glasses. I love toasting my friends a family and watching the fireworks.”


“It’s awesome to see everyone unwind and let their hair down a bit over the holidays. I’m also looking forward to catching up on reading, and maybe starting up some side projects”


“This year my little niece is almost three and I can’t wait to take her out on the frozen lake to learn how to ice skate.”


“I’m looking forward to catching up with some long lost friends and family members coming back into town from all over the world. We’ve got a lot of victories and great stories to catch up on!


“I’m going to Mexico for Christmas, and this is the first holiday where my only plan is to do nothing. Really looking forward to that.”


“What am I looking forward to and how do I curb holiday stress? Rum & eggnog.”


“Presents :)”


“I am looking forward to spending time with my family and loved ones – I also really look forward to turkey dinner all year!

Happy Holidays

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