5 Reasons Why Your Customers Prefer to Book Online

January 12, 2017, Taylor Odgers

These days, most people are very comfortable shopping online. In fact, the ability to buy from a company online is expected from consumers. The tourism industry as well has seen major changes in how people are travelling. We are more independent, seek off-the-beaten path experiences, and plan less thoroughly before we go.

Because mobile phones and WiFi are ubiquitous, more and more travellers are going-it alone. They like that they can have the independence to figure things out as they go and not stick to a schedule of departures and rendezvous. They can find information about a place on their phone in an instant and book their stay, find a tour or activity, and check to see what is in the dish they are about to eat.

Consumers book online

Here are 5 reasons why customers prefer to book with you online:

1. Customers Can Find Detailed Information on Any Product

More than half of consumers report using their phone right before making the final decision on a purchase (often times right in the physical shop). Consumers like to see reviews and learn of the specific details about their purchases and clerks aren’t always available or in the know.

As a tour and activities company, specific descriptions and details of your tours can be made available online for potential customers to review to help them make the right purchase. They can also see availability, promotions, and learn about the other products you offer.

2. The Ability to Find Products and Book Online is Available

Consumers and travellers are living busy lives and aren’t always able to go into a shop or make time to call and ask questions to make reservations during business hours. The ability to make a booking online means a customer can book with you while they are on their lunch break in the office, passing you by on a busy bus, or in the middle of the night once they’ve got their phones charged.

Sometimes consumers will want to call or stop in, but many times people are more comfortable and feel more in control of their purchase when they can book online on their own time. And that means your company is making revenue even when you’re sleeping.

3. Online Bookings are Accessibility To Customers From Anywhere

Tourism consumers also need more accessibility as many traveling customers can come from different time zones and speak different languages. Allowing consumers to find your information and book with you online means that those customers that might struggle with language barriers or major time differences can be empowered to do so comfortably online.


4. It Is Convenient For Sharing and Storing Important Information

Booking tours and hotel rooms often require several important documents – confirmation numbers, invoices, waivers, important details, etc. Booking online means a customers can receive all of these important documents and notifications right on their phone or computer and have instant access when they need it. There’s no need to print off reservation numbers or barcodes and they can check back on the notifications for important information when they are ready to travel. Plus, they can also sign online waiver agreements.

5. Customers Want Control Over Their Buying Experience

One of the biggest trends recently in consumers behaviour is the demand to be in control (or at least feel like you’re in control) of the buying process. Consumers wants the control and freedom to find information that is relevant to them and make their own decisions. They want to believe that they found you and make the decision to book with your company.

By implementing an online reservation system like Checkfront, you can give your customers control over choosing their tours, dates, times, payment method, add-ons or special request so the finally product or experience is tailored to exactly what they want.

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