Customer Spotlight: Blacktop Candy’s

Take a moment and imagine Route 66 stretched in front of you for miles, blue sky overhead. For many, this is the roadtrip of a lifetime. Now imagine the opportunity to make the historic trip in a meticulously restored American classic car.

Whether in a teal and white 1955 Chevy Bel Air hardtop, a maroon 1967 Chevy Camaro, a red 1964 Corvette Stingray convertible – or another of Blacktop Candy’s upgraded classic cars – you can make the road trip of your dreams in an unbelievable classic car. Blacktop Candy’s, based out of Cary North Carolina, is an American classic car hire company that’s owned and operated by former U.S. Marine Scott Shinn.

Scott’s business venture began after he took a trip west on Route 66. As Scott stopped and talked to travelers from around the world, the same theme kept emerging: “Wouldn’t this be an awesome journey in a classic car… just the way it would have been 50 years ago?”

It didn’t take much research to realize that no such opportunity existed unless you already own an expensive classic car and are willing to pull it out the garage and drive it cross-country. So Blacktop Candy’s was born and now travelers worldwide can drive the same historic road in the same classic cars that took the the Okies west and returning WWII veterans east.

Checkfront provides seamless integration with my website and required very little development cost to set up.

Scott’s primarily serves international clientele so it’s vital for Blacktop Candy’s to offer secure, reliable online bookings. For this reason, Scott uses Checkfront as the booking engine. Clients can choose their car and trip (west or east), then secure their reservation online with a credit card.

According to Scott, “Checkfront provides seamless integration with my website and required very little development cost to set up. There is not an “exact fit” product for my business, but with the help of very responsive customer support, we put together a forward facing solution that is professional looking and performs exceptionally. And, the price is right!”

About Blacktop Candy’s
Travel enthusiast world-over migrate to the U.S. annually to experience the unparalleled freedom and nostalgia of driving Historic Route 66. Blacktop Candy’s offers Route 66 Holiday travelers the unmatched opportunity to make the 2541 mile road trip in a meticulously restored and carefully maintained American classic car.

Take the driving tour of your dreams behind the wheel of a pristine vintage American car! Our self-drive road trips ensure you get the American driving tour you’ve always wanted!

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